thEE6P0AF1Thomas or Tommy to his friends, has just graduated with his master’s in English Literature and Creative Writing. Writing is his passion and calling in life.  This blog was created by him to write for fun and not just for pay.  When Tommy is writing one of his great novels he likes to take to his blog to express his personal opinions and creative juices.

This is his way of relaxing his mind and allowing a creative process.

Since a young boy Tommy has been writing stories and first hand observations.  In high school he created and started his school’s first and only newspaper team, The Daily Trojan.  He later creative a magazine dedicated to on campus activities and parties while in college.  He had his first book published when he was just nineteen years old.  Under a pseudonym.  He writes in the genre of young adult fiction and exotic romances.

When Tommy is not busy writing he likes to spend his time at his family ski cabin in northern Canada and traveling around the world.  He lives alone with his three hermit crabs, to turtle doves, a cat, and a miniature horse.

In the future Tommy hopes to find a great girl to marry and settle down with.  And create a family full of love, laughter, and children.  Until then he continue living his life full of adventure and memories.