A bracelet has some effect on our body the same way a ring does. You are likely to be torn between purchasing silver or gold bracelets. The two metals are appealing but differ in certain aspects.

Let us compare silver and gold bracelets.



Silver weighs less than gold. Large gold bracelets are heavy on your hands and take way the pleasure of wearing the bracelet. However, silver bracelets are more comfortable than gold bracelets since they are light, and you do not have to suffer the inconvenience of wearing a heavy bracelet all day.


Compatibility is key, and you sure do not want a bracelet that limits the kind and color of clothes you wear. Gold bracelets limit your choice of outfit since they do not look appealing on certain outfits. This restricts the variety of clothes and outfits you can wear with the gold bracelets. However, silver bracelets match well with any outfit. In fact, silver bracelets complement any outfit you may choose to wear.


Gold and silver bracelets are expensive. Gold bracelets do not last long. They are prone to gouging and warping. Silver bracelets, whether the sterling or fine silver bracelet, are durable because silver is a resilient metal. Thus, the silver bracelets last longer.

It is wise to consider the metal that constitutes the bracelet. The silver bracelets are more comfortable, durable, and they match with any outfit, unlike the gold bracelets. Thus, you are better off purchasing a silver bracelet.