The internet is filled with stores that sell quality silver bracelets that come in different sizes, quality rating, and styles. It is imperative to choose the best to avoid regrets down the road. Some of the factors that you need to put into consideration is the quality, durability, and credibility of the store.

I realized that most people who love adorning bracelets have a high affinity for modern cars. Let discuss this industry for a moment.

Everyone knows that when it comes to automobile manufacturing there is no place like the D. Detroit, Michigan that is. Known for being the home of the three major auto industry companies in the county, even in the world. However with the advent of new and upcoming technology. As well as the push for everything to be ecofriendly, energy efficient and practical more and more technology, based companies are throwing their hats into the ring.

With Googles autonomous car driving along the streets. Creating quite a splash and impression on its builders, other motorist and pedestrians, as well as the world. Operating on its own, with just a person in the passenger sides for emergency take over there have been many more technology companies and good old fashion auto builders stepping and developing their own autonomous vehicles. After developing software that equips many newer vehicles to self-park, this seems like a very likely next step in automotive technology and development.   Definitely, something to look forward to this year’s Auto Shows.

While autonomous may be a little ways down the road something that may be here and available in no time, super synchronizing phone and car.

Such as added android operating, synchronize systems. That allow those android smartphone users to take over the car’s navigational system, communication, and audio with simply a press of an app. Synchronizing with whatever preferred system is used on the phone. Gone are the days where your car and your phone are separate. Now one can synchronize their life away.

Do not think that only android users get to partake of this great new technology. Apple users will not be left out of this great new streamlining of car and phone. Just as android users will be able to have an app or two convert their standards navigational, communication, and audio systems into a driving smartphone. Making it super easy to listen to your personal playlists and drive with your save places in your smartphone gaps system.

Both Google and Apple have already committed over forty automakers to install this new technology in the very near future. At least the full version. If you really want to some vehicle is equipped with a smaller scale version of what they hope to be a bit greater very soon. Heck you may even have it in your vehicle right now and not even know it!

Although many drivers love and appreciate these new features in their newer cars, many companies in the auto industry are very reluctant to give up their control and dominance in all things transport. Concern about the competing tech firms that may take over this part of their very lucrative industry. Only relenting to the demand of the people, the consumer.

Sometimes it is hard to accept change and share.

With that being said those that used and tested out these systems have fallen in love with them. Preferring Google or Apple’s take on hands free communication and driving to the automakers created ones.   This type of technology is what Google and Apple does, I expect that it should be a hit with those smartphones user who are familiar with either company. Let us face it that is practically everyone.

For those that are concern with safety and the plague of the distracted driver. Do not fret. Each company have design many safety features and protection to ensure that every driver using the software will be able to do it without putting themselves and others in peril.

Be sure to ask for a money back guarantee policy and a warranty after purchasing the silver bracelet to avoid inconveniences.