Silver bracelets look appealing on the wrists, and they make a lovely sound as you walk. Making a silver bracelet is not as hard as many of us imagine. With the right tools and knowledge, you can effortlessly make a silver bracelet within a short time.

Let us discuss the tips for making silver bracelets.

silver bracelet

Prerequisite Materials and Tools

The only material you need to make a silver bracelet is approximately eight inches of half-round sixteen-gauge wire. The tools required are a hard solder, soldering set-up, rawhide hammer and a round bracelet mandrel. These tools are readily accessible at your local hardware.

Filing the Wire

To keep the ends of the bracelet smooth, you need to file the wire using the jeweler’s file. Filing also ensures that the tips of the bracelets fit tightly.

Shaping the Bracelet

To make a round shape, you should place the filed wire on the round bracelet mandrel. You may also need to hit the wire using the rawhide hammer to make a perfect round shaped bracelet.

Fitting the Ends

Once the wire is round shaped, you should fit its ends and ensure that they are fit firmly against each other. Pickling the wire ensures that the bracelet maintains the circular shape.

Soldering the Ends

To strengthen the joint, use a solder set-up to flux the joint and then solder the joint using the hard solder. Heating the solder melts the solder that enhances the joint.

Following these steps, make it fun and easy to make silver bracelets. .