Buying Silver Bracelet as a Gift

Get a Silver Bracelet as a Present

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Secrets of Selling Silver Bracelets

Sometimes, you want to pay for a bill but your paycheck has not been processed, or you have reached your credit limit. You can make some emergency cash by selling some of your silver bracelets online. However, for you to make maximum gain from selling your second hand silver bracelet, you need to make a few considerations.

Here are the smart tips for selling second-hand silver bracelets online.

Follow the Open Market Price of Silver

Silver is traded in the open market. The price of silver varies everyday depending on the fundamental factors in the market for silver. To make the most of selling your silver bracelet, you should regularly check the price of silver. Ensure that you sell the bracelet when the open market price to maximize your profit.


Seek Valuation

You risk lacking an online customer for your silver bracelet due to over pricing. Similarly, you risk being shortchanged for underpricing the silver bracelet. Consulting someone that does not intend to buy the silver bracelet for a price estimate allows you to set an appropriate price for the silver bracelet.

Provide a Secure Payment Option

To avoid fraud, ask the buyer to use good payment channels such as PayPal rather than accepting credit card payments. A good payment system allows you to validate the payment before shipping the silver bracelet.

With these tips, you certainly can sell your second hand silver bracelet fast and securely.

Most Preferred Types of Silver

Unfortunately, many people do not consider the type of silver used in making the silver bracelet. This is because they are unaware of the different materials used in making the silver bracelet. Various sorts of silver metals make the silver bracelet.

Here are the types of silver metals used in making silver bracelets.


Sterling Silver

To enhance the appearance of silver bracelets, copper is used as an alloy. Bracelets made of sterling silver have a purity level of 92.5%. The sterling silver bracelets are more pocket-friendly than those made using Britannia silver. Sterling silver is one of the oldest types of silver used in making silver bracelets.

Britannia Silver

The Britannia silver is more pure than sterling silver. The purity level of Britannia silver is 95.8%. You are likely to see a silver bracelet with a 958 label, which means that the bracelet is made of Britannia silver. Similar to the sterling silver bracelets, the appearance of Britannia silver is enhanced by copper.

Coin silver

The coin silver has the lowest purity level of the three types of silver used in making silver bracelets. Coin silver bracelets are 90% pure while copper makes the rest of the bracelet. The low purity level of coin silver makes them less popular than the other types of silver metal.

Ensure that you check the purity level of the silver bracelet as the purity level influences the price of the silver bracelet.


Buying Silver Bracelet as a Gift


Selecting the metal for your bracelet might be confusing as different metals offer various benefits. Silver bracelets are popular among both men and women due to their outstanding benefits over other metals used in making bracelets.

Here are the reasons you should buy silver bracelets.

Long Lasting

Silver is among the few precious metals that last decades. Silver is resistant to warping and does not lose its appeal over time. A silver bracelet can withstand harsh climatic conditions. The silver bracelet is resistant to rust, and thus, you can swim in salty water without corroding the bracelet.


Pocket Friendly

You do not have to break a bank to look elegant. You can opt for a silver bracelet that is often cheap and gives you a stylish look for any event. The silver bracelets are available in different prices depending on the silver quality used in making it.

Compatible with Numerous Outfits

Choosing the outfit to wear in the morning can be cumbersome for people that have tight schedules. Some bracelets demand that you wear specific outfit for you to look nice. However, silver bracelets complement any outfit that increases their applicability. You can wear the silver bracelet with any outfit without looking amiss.

Silver is Light

Silver is one of the light precious metals. Wearing a silver bracelet throughout the day is comfortable because it is light.

The next time you consider purchasing a bracelet, buy a silver bracelet due to the benefits they offer. Make sure that you involve your spouse discreetly to choose the best when shopping.








Tips for selling your silver bracelet for cash online when broke

Sometimes, we fall short of money to pay for utilities or loan. One of the ideas that pop up when you are broke is reselling some of the silver bracelets. Selling second-hand silver bracelets online is easy, but you need to ensure that you get value for your bracelet.

Here are the tips for selling silver bracelets for cash online when you are broke.


Check the Silver Prices

Similar to gold, silver is sold in the open market. You should regularly check the prevailing price of silver on the market. To get the highest value for your silver bracelets, ensure that you sell it when the pre of silver is at its highest.

Get an Independent Valuation

Sometimes, we lose touch of the correct price of jewelry. To avoid underselling the silver bracelet or overpricing it, you should ask somebody that is not interested in the bracelet to value it. This helps you in pricing the bracelet correctly that ensures that it sells fast, and you get maximum value.

Review the Buyer

It is vital to conduct a background check on the purchaser to avoid dissatisfaction. Several companies buy second hand bracelets online and prioritize on satisfying the wants of the seller. So, do not just sell the silver bracelet to anybody since you might be defrauded.

You now have the tips necessary to sell your silver bracelets when broke. Ensure that the silver bracelet is correctly valued to make the sale beneficial.

Making Silver Bracelets


Silver bracelets look appealing on the wrists, and they make a lovely sound as you walk. Making a silver bracelet is not as hard as many of us imagine. With the right tools and knowledge, you can effortlessly make a silver bracelet within a short time.

Let us discuss the tips for making silver bracelets.

silver bracelet

Prerequisite Materials and Tools

The only material you need to make a silver bracelet is approximately eight inches of half-round sixteen-gauge wire. The tools required are a hard solder, soldering set-up, rawhide hammer and a round bracelet mandrel. These tools are readily accessible at your local hardware.

Filing the Wire

To keep the ends of the bracelet smooth, you need to file the wire using the jeweler’s file. Filing also ensures that the tips of the bracelets fit tightly.

Shaping the Bracelet

To make a round shape, you should place the filed wire on the round bracelet mandrel. You may also need to hit the wire using the rawhide hammer to make a perfect round shaped bracelet.

Fitting the Ends

Once the wire is round shaped, you should fit its ends and ensure that they are fit firmly against each other. Pickling the wire ensures that the bracelet maintains the circular shape.

Soldering the Ends

To strengthen the joint, use a solder set-up to flux the joint and then solder the joint using the hard solder. Heating the solder melts the solder that enhances the joint.

Following these steps, make it fun and easy to make silver bracelets. .






Silver Bracelet vs. Gold Bracelets

A bracelet has some effect on our body the same way a ring does. You are likely to be torn between purchasing silver or gold bracelets. The two metals are appealing but differ in certain aspects.

Let us compare silver and gold bracelets.



Silver weighs less than gold. Large gold bracelets are heavy on your hands and take way the pleasure of wearing the bracelet. However, silver bracelets are more comfortable than gold bracelets since they are light, and you do not have to suffer the inconvenience of wearing a heavy bracelet all day.


Compatibility is key, and you sure do not want a bracelet that limits the kind and color of clothes you wear. Gold bracelets limit your choice of outfit since they do not look appealing on certain outfits. This restricts the variety of clothes and outfits you can wear with the gold bracelets. However, silver bracelets match well with any outfit. In fact, silver bracelets complement any outfit you may choose to wear.


Gold and silver bracelets are expensive. Gold bracelets do not last long. They are prone to gouging and warping. Silver bracelets, whether the sterling or fine silver bracelet, are durable because silver is a resilient metal. Thus, the silver bracelets last longer.

It is wise to consider the metal that constitutes the bracelet. The silver bracelets are more comfortable, durable, and they match with any outfit, unlike the gold bracelets. Thus, you are better off purchasing a silver bracelet.





Reasons to Invest in a Silver Bracelet

Silver is one of the materials that are widely used to make bracelets for both men and women. Unlike in the past, it is now very easy to purchase a high quality bracelet that is ideal for men. Today, let us dig deeper and look at some of the reason why you need to invest in a silver bracelet.

silver bracelet


Silver is one of the precious materials that can last for decades without showing signs of wear or aging. This is because the material can withstand most of harsh outdoor weather conditions such as rain and high temperatures. In fact, there are some bracelets that you can go swimming with in the ocean without worrying that the salty water will corrode the material.


If you are on a tight budget and still want to look stylish and elegant, you need to choose bracelets and other accessories that are affordable and still great. Silver bracelets are relatively affordable as compared to those made from gold. However, you need to note that the price tag is dependent on the quality of the silver used to make it.

Complement other Clothing

Silver bracelets are very easy to match with clothes and this why most people prefer them instead of the gold bracelets. You can request the jeweler to customize it for you if you intend to wear it to a certain occasion such as wedding. Of course, you will have to pay more for a customized bracelet.

The Different Types of Silver Used to Make Bracelets

Unknown to most people is that there are different types of silver material used to make bracelets. Understanding the characteristics of each of them will help you to make an informed decision. Let us look at two of the most common materials in this brief post.


Britannia Silver

95.8% of any bracelet that is made using this material is pure silver, which is enhanced by, been alloyed with copper. Most of the companies that make bracelets using it mark their products with the number 958 as a way of showing the purity level of the silver used. So, make sure that you check if this number is on the material.

Sterling Sliver

Most of the bracelets that are made using this material are fairly priced. Sterling silver has a purity percentage of 92.5%. Just like the previous type, it is alloyed with other metals such as copper to make it stand out from the crowd. It is important to point out that this is one of the oldest type of alloy to be used in making jewelry.

Coin Silver

As the name suggests, this type of silver is not widely used in the production of bracelets. The mixture is composed of 90% silver and the remaining 10% is copper. If you want to indulge in the business of selling silver, note that this is the lowest level of silver that you will be allowed to sell in United States.

These are the three main types of silver that you should keep in mind when going shopping for bracelets.

Improve your Look by Investing in a Silver Bracelet and 2016 Lexus IS 200T Review

One of the best ways of accessorizing your look is by purchasing a silver bracelet online or offline. Go an extra mile and invest in a modern car to complete the look. Here is a brief outlook of Lexus car model and why you should purchase it to look stylish when wearing the bracelets. Lexus is known for its luxury hybrids that offer more than just high performance on the Road. 2016 Lexus IS 200T brings a combination of fuel efficiency, high performance and more important the new turbocharged engine that gives loftier sleekness. Having sold the existing IS Sedan with the 2.5liter V-6 engine for the last two years, Lexus has replaced the engine with a turbocharged four-cylinder bringing it to the level of its worthy European competitor models namely: Audi A4, Mercedes-Benz C-class and BMW’s 3-series that have the turbocharged four-cylinder engine.



As if not enough, Lexus is determined to offer better performance and flexibility through a third engine in the IS model. The fact that the IS 200T will be a rear-drive only leaves a gap when the company face out the rear and all-wheel drive IS 250 models. Currently, Mercedes, BMW, and Audi offer the four-cylinder turbocharged models with all-wheel drive. Serving similar clientele, Lexus sought to improve its appeal through the IS300 3.5 liter engine capable of producing 255 horsepower.

The exterior

When it comes to the surface, Lexus has done what it takes to keep the stunning look of the existing IS model. The elegant redline exterior paint does not only maintain its aesthetics but also preserves the sleek design visible from a distance. Speaking, we have to conform to the fact that this is the most striking in the Sedan market. With customized curves placed where they belong, the four-door luxury car cannot go unnoticed on the road.

Finally, a detailed look at the exterior exposes the superior function of the headlamps that offer better illumination in varying intensities depending on the weather condition.   Make sure that you store the bracelet well to keep it looking great and elegant.


New and Improve Autos Related to Bracelets


The internet is filled with stores that sell quality silver bracelets that come in different sizes, quality rating, and styles. It is imperative to choose the best to avoid regrets down the road. Some of the factors that you need to put into consideration is the quality, durability, and credibility of the store.

I realized that most people who love adorning bracelets have a high affinity for modern cars. Let discuss this industry for a moment.

Everyone knows that when it comes to automobile manufacturing there is no place like the D. Detroit, Michigan that is. Known for being the home of the three major auto industry companies in the county, even in the world. However with the advent of new and upcoming technology. As well as the push for everything to be ecofriendly, energy efficient and practical more and more technology, based companies are throwing their hats into the ring.

With Googles autonomous car driving along the streets. Creating quite a splash and impression on its builders, other motorist and pedestrians, as well as the world. Operating on its own, with just a person in the passenger sides for emergency take over there have been many more technology companies and good old fashion auto builders stepping and developing their own autonomous vehicles. After developing software that equips many newer vehicles to self-park, this seems like a very likely next step in automotive technology and development.   Definitely, something to look forward to this year’s Auto Shows.

While autonomous may be a little ways down the road something that may be here and available in no time, super synchronizing phone and car.

Such as added android operating, synchronize systems. That allow those android smartphone users to take over the car’s navigational system, communication, and audio with simply a press of an app. Synchronizing with whatever preferred system is used on the phone. Gone are the days where your car and your phone are separate. Now one can synchronize their life away.

Do not think that only android users get to partake of this great new technology. Apple users will not be left out of this great new streamlining of car and phone. Just as android users will be able to have an app or two convert their standards navigational, communication, and audio systems into a driving smartphone. Making it super easy to listen to your personal playlists and drive with your save places in your smartphone gaps system.

Both Google and Apple have already committed over forty automakers to install this new technology in the very near future. At least the full version. If you really want to some vehicle is equipped with a smaller scale version of what they hope to be a bit greater very soon. Heck you may even have it in your vehicle right now and not even know it!

Although many drivers love and appreciate these new features in their newer cars, many companies in the auto industry are very reluctant to give up their control and dominance in all things transport. Concern about the competing tech firms that may take over this part of their very lucrative industry. Only relenting to the demand of the people, the consumer.

Sometimes it is hard to accept change and share.

With that being said those that used and tested out these systems have fallen in love with them. Preferring Google or Apple’s take on hands free communication and driving to the automakers created ones.   This type of technology is what Google and Apple does, I expect that it should be a hit with those smartphones user who are familiar with either company. Let us face it that is practically everyone.

For those that are concern with safety and the plague of the distracted driver. Do not fret. Each company have design many safety features and protection to ensure that every driver using the software will be able to do it without putting themselves and others in peril.

Be sure to ask for a money back guarantee policy and a warranty after purchasing the silver bracelet to avoid inconveniences.